FAQ – frequently asked questions2024-01-22T18:10:14+01:00

FAQ – frequently asked questions

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Widok Bryzgiel

Frequently asked questions

I have questions and want to talk to someone. What phone number should I call?2024-04-18T10:19:00+02:00

We are available at the following telephone numbers: +48 502 304 588 (campsite and water equipment rental), + 48 501436967 (rooms). The telephone number for contacting the restaurant is in the restaurant menu. Please contact us.

Can I enter the campsite with a large camper?2024-04-18T10:17:17+02:00

Yes of course! We welcome guests with campers of various sizes to our campsite. The main gate allows the entry of campers up to 3.20 m high (with some margin). However, due to the increasing number of guests visiting our site with large campers, we have organized a second entrance that allows us to accommodate large campers, such as Morelo Palace. Our service point (Camper system) is also adapted to carry out sanitary service for this type of vehicles. Additionally, we have specially prepared large plots on the upper level that allow for comfortable parking of these luxury vehicles. Due to the great interest in the stay of such campers, we suggest booking in advance.

Is electricity connection, laundry and showers included in the price of the plot?2024-01-22T18:04:14+01:00

Due to the increasing number of guests who have their own energy sources (photovoltaic panels), electricity connection is not included in the price of the plot and is an additionally paid option. Striving to live in harmony with nature and implementing the principles of sustainable development, we implement the principles of economical management of water and energy resources, which is why showers and washing machines are equipped with token panels. The duration of use of the showers and laundry depends on the number of tokens purchased. Access to washbasins and sinks with hot water and a service point for campers and trailers is included in the pitch price.

Can people who are not registered in Widok use the water equipment rental?2024-01-22T18:02:48+01:00

Generally, water equipment rental (pedal boats, kayaks and rowing boats) is dedicated to guests registered in our resort. Outsiders can rent water equipment (from 01/07 to 31/08) – only if available, after prior telephone arrangement.

Can I go down to the beach while using the summer restaurant?2024-04-18T10:03:43+02:00

Our private beach is an area exclusively for guests registered at the WIDOK resort. Outsiders using the restaurant can view our outdoor photo album and use the viewing point. The entire facility is available only to guests registered in Widok, which is confirmed by a wristband with the resort’s logo.

In response to the clear expectations of our guests, we enable (to a limited extent) the use of our infrastructure (beach, unguarded swimming area and water equipment rental) by purchasing a ONE-DAY STAY CARD.

Details about purchasing the card can be obtained by calling: 502304588, 501436967.

Can guests renting rooms in Widok take their dog with them?2024-01-22T18:00:54+01:00

We do not accept guests with pets in the rooms. Guests who want to relax with their pets are welcome to use the camping site.

Can I invite friends as a guest of the campsite?2024-01-22T17:47:07+01:00

Taking into account the safety, comfort of rest and expectations of our guests, we have adopted the principle that only the summer restaurant can be a place for meetings with people who are not registered in our resort. Outsiders can also view our outdoor photo album and use the viewing point. The entire facility is available only to guests registered in Widok, which is confirmed by a wristband with the resort’s logo.

Do I need to buy a power connection if I just need to charge my phone?2024-01-22T17:46:50+01:00

In this case, it is not necessary, it is possible to top up the phone in the “Wesoła Stodoła” room, which also has table tennis tables, a TV and refrigerators for guests of the camping site.

Is there a playground for children at the resort?2024-01-22T17:46:29+01:00

There is no playground or other facilities for our youngest guests at our facility.

What are the opening hours at the campsite?2024-01-22T17:46:08+01:00

The day on the field starts at 2PM. Due to the comfort of guests already resting with us, the cut-off time for check-in and entry to the camping site is 8PM

In exceptional situations, campers and trailers (height not exceeding 3.2 m) are granted access to the entrance gate after prior arrangement and can enter after 8PM. They then park in the restaurant parking lot and the next day they occupy the reserved lot.

Is it possible to extend the day at the campsite?2024-01-22T17:45:18+01:00

The field day ends at 12, extension of the day is possible until 7PM, subject to plot availability, after paying a fee of 50% of the stay price per day.

How can I reserve a place at the campsite?2024-01-22T17:44:29+01:00

Reservations can be made via the RESERVATION FORM. In case of any problems or additional questions, please contact us by phone: +48 502 304 588 (campsite and water equipment rental), + 48 501436967 (rooms).

Where can I find a map of the campsite and the layout of the pitch?2024-01-22T17:43:46+01:00

The campsite plan can be found on the Campsite page. The description of all plots in a PDF file can be downloaded HERE.

Can you invite your friends from the camping site or from outside to your room?2024-01-22T17:41:47+01:00

To ensure the comfort and safety of our guests, we have adopted the principle that the guesthouse area is intended only for registered guests. Residents of the guesthouse can freely visit their friends at the campsite. The meeting place for guests registered in Widok with friends from outside can only be the summer restaurant. Outsiders can also view our outdoor photo album and use the viewing point.

If I live in a room, can I barbecue in the garden next to the room?2024-01-22T17:40:39+01:00

We are sorry, this is not possible. After reporting your desire to use the grill, the staff will show you the place designated for this purpose.

Can I bring my own fridge and coffee maker to the room?2024-01-22T17:40:17+01:00

Due to fire safety reasons, you cannot use your own appliances in the rooms, such as: fridge, kettle, coffee machine, heaters, etc. The room is equipped with a fridge, hairdryer, and we can provide a kettle and cups on request. Delicious coffee from an espresso machine is served during breakfast in the guesthouse and in the summer restaurant.

Is it too noisy because there is a camping site on the premises?2024-01-22T17:39:43+01:00

Our center is dedicated to silence and we take great care of it. Guests who prefer a different style of relaxation will not feel good with us – for example: listening to music on the camping site without headphones is inappropriate and causes the staff to react.

Beautiful rooms

We leave at your disposal a beautifully located recreational facility with comfortable hotel-standard rooms.

Breakfast included

The room price includes a buffet breakfast.


We prepare the dishes ourselves, based on our grandmother’s and mother’s recipes…

Private beach

We allow our guests to use the grassy beach and unguarded swimming area.

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